Microsoft shareholders demand an inquiry

To investigate Bill Gates’ alleged misconduct.  The company’s policy on sexual harassment. Investors want more information on policies that, according to them, permitted Bill Gates’ alleged misconduct.

 The proxy firm Glass Lewis was calling for the removal of John Thompson, one of directors for the company, The Times of London reported on Saturday. According to the report, Thompson was responsible for an investigation into Gates’s alleged misconduct.

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 And an investment firm, Arjuna Capital, in June announced that it will add a shareholder resolution to this year’s proxy, seeking an “independent and open” investigation into allegations of discrimination against women and sexual harassment at the firm.

 The language of the proposed resolution reads: “Reports of Bill Gates”inappropriate relationships” and sexual advances towards Microsoft employees have only increased the concerns and have called into question the culture cultivated by the top management, and the board’s responsibility to hold accountable those who are responsible.”

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 It also said: “Investors are concerned Microsoft may be facing the threat of a culture of sexual harassment that could put at risk Microsoft’s capacity to attract and retain employees.”

 Arjuna was also adamant about the publication of “any independent inquiry into executive-level allegations, including recent Gates claims.”

 Microsoft advised shareholders not to vote for the resolution in proxy materials. Microsoft said that it would be a duplicate of existing procedures.

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 Microsoft plans to start an annual report to the public on its discrimination against gender and sexual harassment policies, according to the company.

 “This report will largely address the main issues that were identified in the shareholder proposal,” the company said. “Microsoft does not condone discrimination or harassment.”

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 Investors can voice their opinions during the annual meeting of the company on November 30.

 The actions of investors came amid a series of reports about alleged misconduct by Gates in the decades before his high-profile divorce from Melinda French Gates.


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