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 “The retail landscape has been changing at a slow rate and the pandemic increased it and there were too many stores in the U.S.,” says Jessica Ramirez, a retail research analyst at Jane Hali and Associates. “Macy’s space was a joke. There’s finalbusiness final business Website final business co uk still a lot of fascination with clothing and people still visit shops to buy it. It’s just important to provide something that will entice them.

 Brick-and-mortar stores’ role in the next era of retail will be outlets for branding, according to analysts. Lee Peterson, executive vice-president at WD Partners, a retail consulting firm, believes that there are still some who established large companies that had physical assets in the late 1980s or 1990s. They believe that physical stores are a profitable centre. “The attitude needs to change to, physical is focused on brand, and online is about buy. What can I do to desire to go to an outlet store?”